About Us

Henry Pocket Frames has over its 20 years in the business and the manufacture of thousands of pocket frames, gained skills and expertise that are evident in every Assembled Pocket Frame and PDQ (Pocket Door Quick) System it delivers. Attention to detail, from choice and selection of materials through custom manufacture and efficient packaging, ensures a quality product reaches you and your ultimate, utter satisfaction.

Sliding doors save space by freeing up the area lost to the swing of a hinged door and are disability friendly in operation. A pocket door is even more efficient because it slides into a cavity in the wall allowing the face of the wall and the area in front of it to be used for say hanging pictures, fixing mirrors or placing a piece of furniture.

Enjoyment of the smooth operation, convenience and lifetime of service afforded by a PDQ Pocket Frame installed sliding door, is only a little over an hour away if you are a DIYer: assembly takes approximately ten minutes and installation about one hour, depending on skill level.

Hassle-free Ordering, Easy Assembly and Installation – Instructions supplied.

  • PDQ System Kit contains all materials and components – Includes paint ready 4 9/16″ door jamb and moldings, header plate, track and COX U.S.A. 150 lbs capacity Hardware. Nothing extra to buy.
  • No cutting or fitting required – Kits available in all Standard Door Sizes – 24″, 28″, 30″, 32″ & 36″ x 80″. Just make sure the kit you purchase matches the size of your door.
  • Assembles in less than 10 minutes with only a hammer and screwdriver.
  • Easy to install – Just level the assembled, structural mono-frame in the wall cavity, fasten and you’re done!

Custom designs and sizes manufactured to special order.